At this writing, little is known about the original Welkin Base Ball Club. They formed in 1867 and played for only one year. Score cards printed in the Port Huron Press mention ten players:
• Blennerhassett
• H. Botsford
• J. Twiss
• Travers
• Haskell (or Haskill)
• Stevens
• Davis
• Atkinson (John, O’Brien or William)
• O’Neil
• O’Sullivan (also info on Atkinson and a Miss Blennerhasset)
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It is believed that Blennerhassett is William Henry Blennerhassett, born in 1837. He died in Los Angeles in November, 1911 and is buried in Port Huron. In 1863 Blennerhassett was a Senior attending the University of Michigan, Department of Law. Note that a John T. Travers, Jr. is also listed as a student.
J. Twiss may be John W. Twiss, born in 1840. Twiss married Adelaide King in 1870 and died in 1880.
Haskell may be Amos A. Haskell or Hezekiah H. Haskell.
Stevens may be Herman W. Stevens. Herman graduated from the University of Michigan in 1866 and from the Law Department in 1868. He served as a Circuit Court Commissioner, a Circuit Court Judge and in 1897 he was elected Mayor of Port Huron.
Atkinson may be Col. John Atkinson, born 1841.Col. Atkinson was an officer in the 22nd Michigan Infantry during the Civil War and also organized the Thirtieth Regiment of Michigan Volunteers. Col. Atkinson also served as a Judge Advocate on the staff of General Custer. After leaving the Army, we returned to Port Huron and resumed his law practice. His brother O’Brien J. Atkinson was a member of the same law firm and may have been the “Atkinson” of the Welkin Club. Atkinson may also be William F. Atkinson of the Port Huron Commercial. William was born in Port Huron in 1854. In 1867 William Atkinson was working as an editor of the Port Huron Commercial.
O’Sullivan may be Peter F. Sullivan. Peter worked that the Port Huron Commercial with W.F. Atkinson and Col. John Atkinson. One could assume that the three friends worked together on forming the Welkin Base Ball Club.
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