Welkin Vintage Base Ball Club of Port Huron

Based on Port Huron’s first “club nine,” the Welkin Vintage Base Ball Club recreates how base ball (yes, two words) was played in the 1860’s. A gentleman’s game… with no gloves!

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Port Huron’s first recorded base ball match game took place on Wednesday, June 12 1867, between the Welkin Base Ball Club and the Regulars of Mount Clemens. The gents from Port Huron won the match by 29 tallys. You can learn more about the original Welkins and history at our History Page.

In 2007 the Welkin Club was recreated as part of Port Huron’s Sesquicentennial celebration. In their inaugural year the Welkins played other vintage clubs from around the state and participated in Greenfield Village’s “World’s Tournament of Vintage Base Ball,” a re-creation of the 1867 tournament the original Welkins played in. In their first year the Welkins managed to duplicate the record of the original 1867 club with a solitary victory.

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2012 marks the sixth season of the recreated Welkin Club. Our schedule is set for the 2012 season. We hope to see you at one of our match games. Many photographs of past match games are available for your viewing pleasure. We’re glad you stopped by for a visit.

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